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Online Professional Workshops

CareerSource Broward’s professional workshops and Helpline are available at NO COST. The workshops are designed to help keep you competitive in your search for employment and are taught by certified workforce professionals with you in mind. Presentations cover a variety of topics, including résumé writing, interview tips, social media, and more.

About the Workshops

These one-hour workshops are currently being presented as live interactive webcasts using the Zoom online platform. Descriptions of the workshops can be found by clicking on the tabs below. Workshop dates, times, and the direct links can be found by visiting our events calendar here. To participate in the workshop, select the presentation you wish to see at the available time you prefer. 5-10 minutes before the workshop begins, click the provided link on your computer or mobile device to watch the presentation. *Please note that you will need to download Zoom on your device to participate in the webcast. To create a Zoom account, click here

The Helpline

If you have questions about résumés, interviews, job searching with LinkedIn, or using the Employ Florida website, we are here to help! Call (954) 828-0229 between 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to speak to one of our certified workforce professionals privately for assistance.

In this workshop, you will learn different résumé styles, as well as the importance of using keywords in your résumé and what hiring managers respond to most. Workshop topics include: résumé style options and benefits, the importance of keywords, and presenting your skills on a résumé.

      Discover the most effective ways to promote yourself and professionally showcase your knowledge to get the results you want. Workshop topics include: examining common interview questions, promoting yourself, researching companies, and setting a positive impression.

          Learn and understand how to do a video interview and what to expect from commonly used interview platforms such as Hirevue, Jobvite, VidCruiter, and more. You will receive tips and techniques in how to be successful in a video interview.

              This workshop is all about helping you become employed in your next right job. Preparation is key! Workshop topics include: defining your career goals, developing your plan of action, and preparing the job search strategies you need for success.

                  PPN Class and Alumni (September 2019)

                  This workshop will explore the things you need to know and do to help you organize a successful job search. Workshop topics include: maximizing your opportunities, knowing your value, and the importance of following up. Create a proactive approach to your success!

                      Discover the importance of including PEOPLE in your job search. Networking is the most effective way to get a job, keep a job, and advance in a job. Learn how to develop connections for support and information that will move you forward to employment and overall career success.

                        This workshop will identify effective methods you can use to finds jobs online and offline. Topics include: finding the decision-makers, writing cover letters, and using multiple ways to approach your job search. Make things happen!

                        Get pointers on using social media to search for jobs, find decision-makers, and make new career connections. Workshop topics include: using social media to network, creating a profile online, building relationships, and job searching through LinkedIn.

                        This workshop highlights simple strategies to manage personal finances. Workshop topics include: taking steps to assess financial behavior, creating a practical spending plan, building savings, and finding affordable banking options.

                        This workshop discusses credit, debt, and how to make wise choices for your stronger financial future. Workshop topics include: how to generate assets, ways to reduce debt, and planning for retirement.

                        Many of the most important skills needed in today’s workplace are those that help us communicate, work well with others, manage time and resources, or adapt to change. This workshop will review the importance of the skills needed to get and keep a job.

                        Learn how to use TORQ, an online software program that assesses your skills, compares them with other occupations that require similar skill sets, performs an analysis that shows you how close the skills matches are, and recommends additional training options.

                        Learn how to ace your next interview with this interactive webinar. Participate with other motivated job seekers in role playing answers to commonly asked interview questions. Practice makes perfect! 

                        Note: it is recommended that you attend the Telephone or Video Interview Skills workshop prior to this.